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The Future

There is a reason the U.S. has such a large defense budget. Our theory of statehood resolves around the premise that a safe America means a safe world. Moreover, we're convinced that geopolitical instability means further destabilization elsewhere, so we have to contain or eliminate threats before they spread. The problem is this policy only works if its all-or-nothing. When our judgement on whether to act overseas becomes clouded, it is because we are allowing other parties, whether 'allies' or 'adversaries' to influence our discourse and therefore impact our decisions. We must choose either isolationism/competition or globalism/cooperation. The current administration is taking a hard isolationist 'recorrection' after what they saw as misstep in Obama's globalist agenda. In my opinion isolationism is not the answer, and should be left to the history books. The future is progress, cooperation, global trade and peace, and open

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