A Design of Our Own

I want you to imagine utopia. Close your eyes if you have to. Block out the sensory stimulus around you and picture the world of your dreams. 

Is it colorful? Does it smell good? Do you feel a certain way when you think of this place?

When you imagine it, do you think about abstract qualities of the place, or concrete ones? 

In this place, no one goes hungry. In this place, there is peace. In this place, there is equality, and honesty, and abundance. 

In this place, each person has the chance to contribute the way they best can. 

In the world I live in, people go hungry. There is war. There is inequality, and falsity, and scarcity. 

In the world I live in, people are desperate to work to survive, and only the wealthy have time for frivolity. 

Those with access have excess, because they are fear that if they share part a little bit of their slice of the pie, the Others will not stop taking, until before you know it they are the forgotten, starving and desperate ones. 

The wars over the sea have largely been already fought and decided. Ours are the wars of information. Combat looks different, but intelligence gathering and deceit are much the same. 

In my utopia, public information is shared for the common benefit, and private information is shared at the discretion of the owner. In my utopia, we are a united people.

Utopia. n. An imaginary, often idealistic space. From the Ancient Greek ou-topos, 'no place.' 


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